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Certified Cryptocurrency Specialist (CCS)

Pass your final cryptocurrency certification exam and earn the respect and recognition
as a Certified Cryptocurrency Specialist with a professional Certification certificate.

A Few of The Important Ideas You Will Learn

  • Why in finance cryptocurrency like bitcoin has value just like a dollar in the new economic paradigm
  • How often does a new currency system develop because of societal changes and why you are at the right time
  • Why this is a time in history for gaining wealth that will never come again in your lifetime
  • Why the centralized banking system is a fraud to the public
  • The difference between /b/itcoin as a currency and /B/itcoin the technology
  • How to start an account with cash to buy bitcoins and other currency
  • How a merchant can accept and accumulate bitcoins through their business
  • How to maintain complete anonymity using Bitcoin technology if you so choose

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Cryptocurrency Enlightenment Course


An introductory course providing a very basic overview of cryptocurrency and related concepts

(suggested  before taking any individual course)

Individual Course


Choose one of the following:

The History of Money

The Bitcoin Solution

Understanding Cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency Enlightenment Course

The History of Money

The Bitcoin Solution

Understanding Cryptocurrency

The "Cryptocurrency Fundamentals" Certification Program



All courseware plus

Certified Cryptocurrency Specialist (CCS)

exam and certification.

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