About Beginners Cryptocurrency Made Simple

I am a Certified Cryptocurrency Specialist,  autodidactic, and a certified teacher that is passionate about education. I believe everyone is born with a gift and a superpower that makes them special. My superpower is the ability to take complex information and break it down for others to understand. There is no greater feeling for me to watch the “I got it look” come over the face of someone i’m teaching.

Did you grow up before the internet? Me too!

Beginners cryptocurrency made simple is for those who may be over 40 years of age with a non-technical and non-financial background that has a desire to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

It was created out of frustration and recognizing a need. If you are reading this understand that you are early in the game of Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. You have an incredible opportunity ahead of you for investing and wealth creation.

Most of the people that have been excited about cryptocurrency are the early adopters that have a technical background in computers and/or a background in finance and investing. Many of them recognize the need to have new money and new people enter the cryptocurrency market.

they recognize the need to educate the public. however, when they try to explain cryptocurrency to someone without a technical background there is so much technical jargon it may as well be in a foreign language.

When they try to explain the investing side it’s the same thing. there is an assumption that you already know and the educational piece can be over the head of many.

That was my frustration in learning about this new and amazing industry of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. I would put in ten and twelve hour days searching all over the internet for cryptocurrency information. Thank goodness for Nexxus University and their cryptocurrency courses that eventually helped me shortcut and laser focus on some ideas.

As I stated before my superpower comes from years of being an eighth-grade school teacher. I have the ability to learn complicated concepts and break them down to twelve, thirteen, and fourteen-year-old’s that didn’t always grow up valuing education.

I feel your pain. I am over fifty, so I grew up without the internet and used a computer mainly as a word processor to write term papers in college. Most people under forty grew up with computers. Many of us over forty didn’t. So when new technology comes out we can be lost.

I didn’t grow up talking business, stocks, finance and investing. I had to learn as I got older and started a family.

So, beginners cryptocurrency made simple is for you, the non-technical, non-financial, not ashamed to say i-don’t-know, but want to learn so you can get in on the hottest market since the beginning of the internet.

I will explain these ideas as if speaking to my eighth-grade students (avatar). I will use simple terminology and analogies wherever possible. They will also come from my life experience and background.

Blockchain technology is going to change the game for anyone that has been shut out of the money making and investing market. Are you ready? Or will you sit on the sideline and wait like so many did in the 80’s with Microsoft, or the 90’s with Amazon and Google, or the 2000’s with Facebook?

Millionaires were literally made overnight! With cryptocurrency and blockchain technology your ship has come again. Don’t let it sail without you.

You will need at least two things to embark on this journey of discovery:

  1. 1. Belief in your intelligence
  2. 2. Belief that you can learn anything with the right instruction
  3. What you learn, teach others around you. We need to get as many people that are looking for opportunities a chance to look into cryptocurrency.


Reginald Martin